Making the Switch from Blogger to WordPress

After twelve plus years on Blogger, I finally decided it was time to make the switch to WordPress. The last straw was when Blogger announced they would no longer have a subscribe feature. Over the years they’ve whittled down their widgets, customization and general support, so it’s apparent they’re positioning themselves to get rid of the platform altogether. If they can’t be #1 then they don’t want to play. It’s such a shame. So, I’ll be working on customizing this site to do what I want it to do. I still can’t manage to get the side column to show up, but maybe it will just magically appear. (Oh, yay! It did! Praise the Lord!)

Also, as I commented earlier on my “old” blog, I spoke to a marketing mentor and was embarrassed to say my blog was on BlogSpot. It’s like announcing you still use a rotary phone. He said that if I moved it to WordPress, my audience would probably grow exponentially just because of the support and features available and how they’re ranked on searches, etc. So, let’s give it a go.

Changes you’ll notice:

First off, if you’re wondering who is Beeda Speis, and what happened to Shari, click here.

Apparently, I need to start formatting my posts a little differently so they show up higher in search engines (so I’ll have one or two subtitles in each post. I know it seems silly, but that’s what the bots supposedly look for). Or, maybe I won’t bother. We’ll see.

I’ll have to post to social media a little differently, so the times of day I post may be different, or the posts may look different. Idk. Haven’t gotten that far yet.

Lastly, an update. My FaceBook Page for Beeda Speis, Author is underway, getting the kinks worked out, but if you want to go ahead and “Like” my page, that would be awesome.

My Webpage BeedaSpeis.com is nearing completion. You can go ahead and check it out if you want.

Next Steps:

My next task is to make a freebie as a giveaway to people who join my email list.

Ideas I have:

  • A free 30-day devotional
  • A free book about my God experiences (leading up to the release of my “When God Gives Me Goosebumps” book, so that’s way in the future.)
  • And a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card each month.

Let me know in the comments what you think of those giveaways, or if you have ideas for different ones. What would you like to receive for free when joining an email list? How often would you prefer to receive a newsletter? I’m thinking once a month.

Thank you for joining me here! I want to provide you with great content because I appreciate you so very much!


Your Sister in Christ

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  1. I love the newsletter idea once a month.. Amazon card.. so excited for you!! You are so inspiring!! I love the idea of a free sample of your God experiences book!

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