Prayer Revival

A large white tent with arched windows, set in among a grove of trees.  Perfect for an old-time church revival.
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Yesterday began the SBC PrayerLink Convention. I was only able to attend one session virtually, but it was really enlightening. Some questions were raised, “What direction is God moving us in?” “What is He telling us to do?” These were asked as they relate to our small group and to the Church as a whole, but I believe those are great questions for us to consider individually, as well.

When it came my turn to give input, that’s really all I could speak to, the direction God is moving me in and what He’s telling me to do. However, I see Him doing this with several individuals, and I believe (I pray) we’re influencing others to grow in their faith. Then, those people will each encourage people in their circles, and so on and so on.

At my own church, my heart caught on fire for prayer about the same time God put it on our Lead Pastor to develop the need for prayer in our church body. (I love God’s timing!) Shortly after, I was introduced to PrayerLink and am blessed to work on a project (feel free to take the survey and read through the resources) which will grow and spread across multiple churches and then, by God’s grace, grow across denominations, sparking a massive revival in prayer all over the country.

What was brought up several times yesterday at the breakout session was the revival that took place in the ’80s and ’90s. I don’t remember it because that was the time I walked away from God. In reality, the movement mirrored my walk. The Church in our country got to a low point, just like I did in my life. Oftentimes, it takes being broken before we genuinely seek God. Even the most faithful believers have times of waning in their relationship with our Father and need to be reminded that He’s the only way.

Look around. Spouses, family members, best friends are at odds with each other. We’re filled with anger and resentment and easily riled about politics, the vaccine, masks. Our hearts have darkened. We’re separated from one another because we can’t see the person beyond their opinions.

We have people in the hospital who can’t have visitors, some of whom are also mourning the loss of a loved one. What a terrible time to be alone. We need each other. God made us to bring Him glory and to form relationships with one another and with Him. This pandemic has physically divided us in addition to the mental and emotional divide.

On top of all that, there is an unprecedented number of natural disasters occurring worldwide leaving people anxious, displacing them from their homes.

We have lost so many people over the past year and a half. From our church, we’ve lost really good people. People who were the light in our darkness. People who were Christlike, who were examples and leaders to the rest of us of what it looks like to be a true Christian. As of yet, I see very few people taking up the torches those saints left behind.

I believe all of these events point to a time in the very near future when we, as a country, will hit rock bottom. If we’re not already there, I dread seeing it; I can’t imagine things getting much worse, but I know it’s highly probable. At that time, I believe, the Church will rally together; we’ll join together, hand in hand, and lift our voices to our Father to repent and plead for Him to save us from ourselves. I believe we’ll join together in constant, unceasing prayer. We’ll share our testimonies; we’ll spread the Gospel with eagerness. We’ll love each other unconditionally.

You and I don’t have to wait until the country hits rock bottom. You and I can start this prayer revival right now. I don’t have a plan, but I know working through corporate organizations takes way too long, so we need to engage through grassroots efforts to revitalize prayer. It’s time for us to call on our Father!

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.
Psalm 145:18 ESV

Please join me this week in praying for a revival of prayer. Pray that those who profess to be believers but don’t pray realize that without this conversation with God, they are separated from Him. Pray that they realize they can have a personal relationship with Him if they get to know Him through His word and through prayer. Let’s also pray for those who have a prayer life to draw even closer to God. Pray for the courage to ask people if you can pray for them/with them. Pray with thanksgiving that our loving Father allows us to come to Him in this way.

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