Yellow flowers

several #sunflowers with one in the foreground tilted up toward the #sun
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Image by Monoar Rahman Rony from Pixabay

I got home from work Friday late afternoon and didn’t leave the house the entire weekend because of how bad I felt (week 3 if you’re keeping track), so when my husband asked if I wanted to go for a ride (on his motorcycle) Monday afternoon I didn’t hesitate to say “Yes!”

I’ve been trying to spend time with God all weekend but have been easily distracted or too fatigued, experiencing a bit of brain fog. Out on the bike, it’s usually a lot easier to focus.

It took several attempts, though. My thoughts kept drifting to random things. Then, I’d bring my attention back to God. Finally, I reverted back to what has always worked for me, I breathed.

Of course, I had been breathing the whole time, but these were deliberate breaths, a technique my therapist taught me in order to work through periods of anxiety. A slow, deep inhalation through the nose, followed by an even slower exhalation through the mouth. It only takes about three such breaths to quiet my mind.

After that was a short period of mindfulness. I focused on what I saw: trees, flowers, fences, sky, clouds, shapes in the clouds.
Then, I opened my helmet visor and focused on what I could smell: the countryside, grass, rain.
Next, the focus was on what I could hear: the rhythmic sound of the bike: putata, putata, putata. (It’s a Harley)
Lastly, on what I could feel: the cold air, the sunshine.

Then, with my mind cleared, I could focus solely on God. We had a wonderful conversation. It saddens me and surely it saddens Him when I don’t take time to do that regularly. I get caught up talking to Him and forget to take the time to talk with Him.

During the ride, there were dark clouds on one side of us and white clouds on the other. There were areas with open fields and other locations driving through woods on a one-lane dirt road. The sun would shine down on us, and then we’d get rained on, just a little. However, everywhere we drove, there were yellow flowers. There were sunflowers, and daisies, and varieties that I don’t know.

It made me think of my life. The stark contrasts of darkness and light. The ups and downs of living day to day. I can wake up praising the Lord and be full of the Holy Spirit, and then after fighting my way through traffic, and dealing with clients at work, feel like I’m caught up in a spiritual battle. But the consistency throughout, just like the yellow flowers, is that God is with me. He is always present.

I can ride through life noticing the stark contrasts of sunlight and darkness, but when I seek out the yellow flowers, I am comforted.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!
Psalm 150:6 ESV

Take a few moments to breathe deeply today, if you’re able. Then pray for all of the people who are having difficulty with even normal breaths. Say a prayer for them.

Please join me this week in praying for everyone on all of our combined lists (see yesterday’s post for information by clicking here.). Let’s lift them up to our loving Heavenly Father. Let’s petition Him for their healing, that the breath of the Almighty gives [them] life. Let’s also pray for the doctors, nurses, and medical support teams who care for our loved ones. May they be given strength and encouragement. Join me in praising God for His love and guidance through difficult times.

My prayer list is:
M.W., L.T., L.O. & son, B.E.’s son, B.W.’s brother, C.W.1, C.W.2, members of S. family, K.D., members of M. family, T.C., M.H., B.F.

Feel free to add yours in the comments below.