Your body is a temple

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Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

For the longest time, I didn’t understand the concept of “your body is a temple.” Then, one day when reading Scripture, there was the wonderful “aha” moment: the Holy Spirit lives inside of me (and you)! Therefore, my body is His temple.

And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.
John 20:22 ESV

How would I treat a temple building? Would I fill it full of junk? Would I let it sit idle? If it needed repairs, would I just ignore them and let them get worse? Would I allow evil inside of it? Of course not! Yet, what do I do to this temple?

I felt so bad this past weekend that I broke down and made a doctor’s appointment. I know from experience that my doctor won’t give me antibiotics until I’ve been sick for three weeks. Anytime before that, he’ll say, “Let’s wait and see.” So, since I felt so awful and it has been the compulsory three weeks, I went to see him fully expecting to get antibiotics.

He considered all of my symptoms and said it was pointless to run any type of test since so much time had passed, but he wanted to diagnose me. It could have been (past tense since we’re past the ten-day window) Covid. I told him I had two negative tests. It could have been strep throat, but they don’t treat that with antibiotics–wait. What?! Since when?! It could have been mono, but I’m really too old for that. Really? Or, and this is the most likely answer, it could have been “a virus.” Thank you. That’ll be $196.00. Goodbye.

It’s so frustrating. My throat is still red, and my lymph glands are still swollen, yet he said that I’m no longer contagious. What has happened that doctors are no longer able to diagnose, prescribe, recommend? What is the proper timeframe to seek medical help? Why can’t a name of a specific illness be attached to a group of symptoms?

Just like Covid has mutated and evolved from one variant to another, I imagine the unnamed viruses are the same way. However, there’s no distinction between them as far as symptoms. I’ve heard from multiple people that there’s “a virus” going around that mimics the symptoms of covid without being covid. A young woman from my office is going through that right now. The only advice her doctor gave her was to go to the ER if she got to where she couldn’t breathe. Thank you. That’ll be $196.00. Goodbye.

Make a prayer list of everyone you know who is suffering from breathing problems, illnesses, diseases. Keep it with you and/or share their initials in the comments. Our church family lost two members yesterday. One had cancer. The other had Covid. Please remember their loved ones in your prayers.

Please join me this week in praying for everyone on all of our combined lists. Let’s lift them up to our loving Heavenly Father. Let’s petition Him for their healing, that the breath of the Almighty gives [them] life. Let’s also pray for the doctors, nurses, and medical support teams who care for our loved ones. May they be given strength and encouragement. Join me in praising God for His love and guidance through difficult times.

My prayer list is:
M.W., L.O. & son, B.E.’s son, B.W.’s brother, C.W.1, C.W.2, members of S. family, K.D., members of M. family, T.C., M.H.
Another woman’s list includes K.S. & L.S.

Feel free to add yours in a comment below.