The Great Physician

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People are crying out for help and there’s no one to hear them. Whether it’s because the healthcare system is at full capacity and its employees are burned out, or if it’s a side-effect of the pandemic which may or may not go away, I don’t know. All I know is that it’s difficult for people with mental health issues to get the care they need, especially if they’re teenagers.

My heart aches for the brokenness people are dealing with these days which is amplified by the hopelessness they feel when they can’t get help.

Jesus is called “The Great Physician.” He can heal us when no one else can. I believe the condition of the world is because we’re heading toward the end times and the difficulties we’re experiencing are (hopefully) drawing more people to God, especially when they can’t find help or comfort from their worldly resources. This is our opportunity to be a beacon in the darkness.

We can think of it as a doctor’s office. We’re the receptionists, greeting those who are ill with a smile and a kind word, offering compassion for their suffering. We can tell them that the Doctor they’re waiting to see is “The Great Physician” and He can heal anything and everything. Non-believers will see our love and enthusiasm for this Doctor of ours and they’ll wait in anticipation to meet Him. They’ll see our inner peace and joy and they’ll want to feel that way also. Seeds will be planted. They will be watered. They will grow.

When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick.
Matthew 14:14 ESV

Please join me this week in praying for compassion. Let’s pray that we show compassion to everyone we meet and that each one of them shows compassion to everyone they meet, and so on and so on. Ask the Lord to help us see what He sees in those who are difficult to show compassion to.

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