Identity Unveiled by Shirene H. Gentry

Book cover of Shirene H. Gentry's book:  Identity Unveiled, Daughter of the King of Kings, Reflections on God's Grace

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The Book:

Identity Unveiled, Daughter of the King of Kings, Reflections on God’s Grace by Shirene H. Gentry

Book Description from the Introduction:

All of my family of origin passed away by 2001, but in 2017, I looked at the massive paper trail left by my grandmother, mother, and father. For the first time, I discovered that the story of my adoption did not match the mountain of evidence set before me. I believe that the circumstantial evidence points to one conclusion: that I am an illegitimate daughter of the deposed shahanshah (“king of kings”) of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. This startling discovery caused me to ask myself this question: What would I think of myself if I really were the daughter of the Shah of Iran?

Beeda’s book review:

I absolutely loved Shirene’s story of self-discovery and how she was able to draw strength from our Heavenly Father. The discovery and recounting of her past were so intriguing and so unique I found myself wanting to know more. It was a page-turner; wonderfully written from the heart. A true lifelong journey that I feel blessed to have been witness to through her writing. God has a purpose for each one of us and that is our true identity.

I highly recommend this book.  I also recommend Shirene’s podcast, where she talks about a variety of topics. You’ll love listening to her speak and hearing her insight. Visit her website for access at ShireneGentry.com

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