How do we obtain Jesus’ peace?

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How do we obtain Jesus’ peace (John 14:27)? I believe it comes from spending focused, purposeful time with Him. Jesus’ peace comes from focused prayer, and spending time in Scripture. I was reminded of this last evening.

God put on my husband’s heart to start a weekly prayer gathering at church. Last night was our first meeting. As I began to pray, it occurred to me, I have a whole hour set aside for God alone! Why did it take an organized group for me to do that? Why couldn’t I do that on my own? I pray in the morning and at night before bed a little more purposefully and then throughout the day as prayer requests are made known to me. On an informal prayer level, I talk to God about stuff as it happens or doesn’t happen but I couldn’t set aside time for Him to be purposeful?

I feel like a fraud in some respects. I mean, this is my whole “thing” here; being purposefully still to draw closer to God. Taking time to be focused on God alone is what this (Peace in the Stillness, Pray in the Stillness) is literally all about.

Aha Moment

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and stressed all week but last night, that all melted away. It was a re-aha moment or a reminder of what I’m purporting here. Sometimes we let the world get in the way and it seems to happen to me more often than I care to admit. Last evening I prayed about the things my husband wanted us to pray about:

  • Personal repentance and holiness
  • Repentance and holiness for our church, for the Church in the U.S., and for the Church abroad
  • Our church leaders: Pastors and Elders
  • Our church youth
  • Encouragement and wisdom for our missionaries
  • Local and international missions

Then, I spent some time listening for God, followed by reading Scripture, and then a sort of “closing” prayer for the evening. It was just so wonderful. I need to get back to doing that at least daily if not multiple times a day. You do what you’re led to do; I’m not trying to put a time frame on anyone else’s time with God, but as a reminder to myself that this is what I need to feel that connection to Him (and to encourage others to do the same as they feel led).

Bible Verse of the Day

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
John 14:27 ESV


I wanted to share everything David Guzik from EnduringWord wrote about John 14:25-27 but that would probably be considered plagiarism, so instead, I’ll just share it below and you can read it separately. Tip: Go to the page, hit ctrl+F type in (25-27) and it will take you right where you want to be.


Join me this week in praying with thanksgiving for God’s love and mercy. Pray that Christians all over the world focus on God alone and in so doing find that peace that only comes from a relationship with Jesus. Pray that peace shines through like a beacon in the storm for others to see and desire to have for themselves. Pray to be that light for Christ to the world.

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