December 2021

Find Peace

The Bible has so much to say about peace, the peace that comes from Jesus through the Holy Spirit, the peace that comes in resting on Him, and the peace we receive through salvation. Knowing peace is mentioned so many times in the Bible should indicate to us as believers that God wants us to

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Offer Peace

Have you ever had to tell someone, or multiple people some bad news concerning yourself? News that devastated you such as a health condition, a financial setback, or an unplanned and unwanted life event? Even though the news affected your life directly and their lives indirectly, did you find yourself having to comfort them? To

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How do we obtain Jesus’ peace?

How do we obtain Jesus’ peace (John 14:27)? I believe it comes from spending focused, purposeful time with Him. Jesus’ peace comes from focused prayer, and spending time in Scripture. I was reminded of this last evening. God put on my husband’s heart to start a weekly prayer gathering at church. Last night was our

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Jesus Reassures Us of Peace

Jesus reassures us of peace many times throughout Scripture (see Philippians 4:7 for instance). It comforts me when I’m feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed. I especially love what Jesus says in John 16:33 (see below). Today, I decided to dig deeper and there is so much here to unpack. The short version is that Jesus wants

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Take Time To Be Still

I bought this sign (the “Peace” part of the image) on Saturday because I thought it would be a wonderful reminder of the ministry I’m trying to develop (Peace In The Stillness), and as a visual reminder to myself that I have peace because of my relationship with God. Sometimes the world overtakes me and

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Day 8, the final day of the Week of Prayer for International Missions focuses on the growth and multiplication of churches in Czechia. It really is an amazing story that illustrates God’s hand in our lives. He sent a couple from IMB, the Lewis’* to this country where “Only 29% of the population acknowledges the

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Taiwanese Churches

Day 7 of the Week of Prayer for International Missions is about Taiwanese Believers Commit to Global Spread of the Gospel. Right before the pandemic hit, an IMB missionary was working with Taiwanese churches to organize an effort to send out missionaries. They developed their own locally-owned sending agency in just 6 months called Huayu

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Miracles happen

Day 6 of the week of Prayer for International Missions talks about a small village in Southern Asia where miracles still happen. You’ll meet the Spencers* who work that area as IMB missionaries and you’ll meet a local woman who everyone calls “Momma” who’s showing the people in her village the power of prayer. God

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