February 2022

In the Image of God

Notice the emphasis God places on the fact that He created us in His image. It’s repeated four times in just two verses. The bold emphasis is mine, but the number of times and closeness of the repetition shows God’s emphasis. He wants us to know this is important. Then God said, “Let Us make

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Focus on Serving

New Feature: Listen to today’s post Read Today’s Post: God is good. He is so very good. When I take things to Him, He responds. He answers me. As you know, there’s this platform-building burden. At the end of every month, I write down all my numbers, followers, engagements, etc., and compare them to the

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He Will Convict the World of Sin

Do you ever have that sinking feeling that you’ve done something wrong but can’t think of what it might be? I have. When it happens I replay everything I’ve done and thought and said until I pinpoint the culprit. A few times this has happened in response to something I said. But, I didn’t realize

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Approaching the Almighty

The Book: Approaching the Almighty: 100 Prayers of A. W. Tozer, Compiled by Phil Shappard Publisher’s Description: Discover the never-before-published prayers of A. W. Tozer as he opens his sermons. Is there a holier moment than when a preacher steps into the pulpit and opens the Scriptures before the people of the Lord? A. W.

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I Am A Sinful Man

Do you watch The Chosen? If so, I’m sure you’ll remember the scene from Season One inspired by Luke 5:1-11. I think about it a lot, actually. It’s not that Jesus almost sank their boat with fish, although that’s miraculous, it’s Simon Peter’s response, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!”

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Come To The Light

This passage really speaks to me because I lived it. I believe that I made a conscious decision to turn away from God when I left for college. In my heart and mind, it was a transition period. I was “free” and “independent” and a certified “adult.” I wanted to live life on my terms

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Godly Grief

Apparently, Paul wrote a stern letter to the Corinthians at some point that was not 1 or 2 Corinthians. It must have been very harsh for Paul to say, “I do not regret it; though I did regret it” (2 Corinthians 7:8). He then rejoiced when Titus returned with news of the Corinthians’ repentance in

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