Stirs Up Anger

A picture of a cup of coffee with a spoon stirring a heart shape with the cream. The words to Proverbs 15:1 ESV, "A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
by Beeda Speis for Peace in the Stillness.

There are some occasions when I pray beforehand that God grant me patience and an open mind. The reason is that I know there’ll be someone there who I clash with. Do you know a person like that? One who contradicts everything you say? Or who always brings up controversial topics just to get a reaction? Today’s Bible verse is an excellent reminder that our response can initiate a peaceful conversation, or it can stir up anger.

I’ve finally learned (maybe) to just not engage. If there’s something I absolutely can’t let go of, I at least try to contribute to the conversation not rule it. I try to discuss, not argue. Notice I said, “try.” Sometimes the best intentions go awry, especially when the enemy steps in.

Bible Verse of the Day

A soft answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Proverbs 15:1 ESV


Please pray for these brothers and sisters who are going through a rough time with someone they love or who are feeling isolated right now: K., S., J., C., T., L., A. If you know of other people we can be praying for, send me their first initial. Let’s share the love and healing power of Christ Jesus. Pray that the non-believers above will hear the gospel and come to faith.


Lord, we pray for relationships. Please heal the strained relationships in the lives of those listed above. I also pray that You mend any broken relationships for the one reading this prayer. Lord, we ask that You help us through difficult interactions with difficult people that we may be Christlike in how we handle these encounters. May our peaceful approach to relationships affect others, soften their hearts and see us in a different light. Father, please keep the enemy away from these most important relationships so that love may prevail. In Jesus’ precious name, we pray. Amen.

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