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Membership Has Its Privileges

Photo of the back of a man whose arms are raised in praise before a screen of the cross (3 crosses). The words, "Membership has its privileges."
by Beeda Speis for Peace in the Stillness

In the 1980s, a credit card company advertised, “Membership has its privileges.” What an incredible tagline for us to use as members of the body of Christ! Think about it: we get to spend our time here on earth in a personal relationship with the King of Kings! We have His ear! He knows our names! In fact, He knows every hair on each of our heads (Matthew 10:30)! How amazing is that?!

What does He ask in return? He asks for us to be obedient. He asks us to bring others into the fold, to introduce people to Him. “Hey. Have you met my Father?”

This passage from Holiness! speaks to ministers, pastors, and preachers, but I believe it speaks to all of us. Again, pray and ask God to show you your spiritual gifts and how to use them. (BTW, I love how J.C. Ryle uses exclamation points in his book and chapter titles! I’m a big fan of them!!!)


From the Chapter titled, Unsearchable Riches!
“c. Let us settle it firmly in our minds that the ministerial office is an honorable privilege. It is an honor to be the ambassador of a king — the very person of such an officer of state is respected, and called legally sacred. But how much greater honor is it to be the ambassador of the King of kings, and to proclaim the good news of the conquest achieved on Calvary! To serve directly such a Master, to carry such a message, to know that the results of our work, if God shall bless it, are eternal — this is indeed a privilege. Other laborers may work for a corruptible crown — but the minister of Christ for an incorruptible crown. Never is a land in worse condition, than when the ministers of religion have caused their office to be ridiculed and despised. It is a tremendous word in Malachi: “I have made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as you have not kept my ways.” (Mal. 2:9). But, whether men will hear or forbear, the office of a faithful ambassador is honorable. It was a fine saying of an old missionary on his deathbed, who died at the age of ninety-six: “The very best thing that a man can do is to preach the gospel.”

Holiness! by J.C. Ryle (1816-1900)

Bible Verse of the Day

‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV


Holy Father, membership truly does have its privileges. I remember my life without You and how difficult it was. Not that I don’t still experience trials, but they don’t seem insurmountable when Your Spirit resides within me. He fills that hole, that void which I tried to fill myself and failed. That hole is reserved for the Holy Spirit, yet I tried to fill it with worldly things to no avail. There was no satisfaction in this world when I walked without You, Lord. I am so very thankful, Father, for Your love and tender mercy, for the hope in Christ Jesus. Please, Lord, show believers their Spiritual gifts and how to use them for Your Glory and according to Your purposes.
Father, we continue to intercede for Ukraine. Last night’s bombing was another horror that illustrated the evil in this world. How anyone can have such a dark heart–but they do. Sin entered the world and death followed. Please save the people of Ukraine, Lord. Please bring peace. Give the world leaders wisdom, Father. We pray all of these things in Jesus’ most precious name. Amen.

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