May 2022


Today, let’s pour out our hearts for those people who are so discontent with their lives, with the world, that they contemplate suicide. It’s like they’ve fallen into an empty well. There are no apparent means of escape, so they just sit in the mud and muck and sink deeper and deeper into their hole.

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The Silver Lining

It’s easy to be discontent, especially when everything around you seems to be falling apart. We get depressed, bitter. Maybe we stop being able to see the good. We can’t see the silver lining. But there are other people…people who have lost everything; people who have only a few months to live who we would

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Winter of Discontent

I know so many people who are in a “winter of discontent.” They seem to complain about everything and be happy about nothing. It makes for a miserable existence. When I think of the word “discontent” I immediately think of the first line from Richard III (by William Shakespeare): “Now is the winter of our

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Bathsheba is listed in the lineage of Jesus, not by name, but as “her who had been the wife of Uriah.” We don’t know why. Maybe Matthew was making a statement about King David. I don’t know. What I do know is that women were treated like property back then. The biblical account of Bathsheba’s

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When I think of Ruth, I think of loyalty and faithfulness. She gave up everything to accompany her mother-in-law home to the land of Judah. Ruth gave up her homeland, family, friends, neighbors, and religion to travel to a land where she would stand out as being “different;” a land and a people she knew

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Like Ruth, Rahab (Joshua 2) was faithful to God’s calling even before she was a true believer. She heard of God and how He parted the Red Sea for His people. She believed He was a mighty God and One to be feared. The events of the Exodus and how the Israelites were able to

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Tamar (Genesis 38) was complicated. Her life was complicated. She had two husbands, brothers, who were “wicked in the sight of the Lord, and the Lord killed [them].” (Genesis 38:7) Her father-in-law, Judah, told her to return to her father’s house until his youngest son was old enough to marry her, (as was the custom).

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Pray for Women

Whenever I’m struggling with something, I try to look to the Bible for guidance. I try to find a female in the Bible for inspiration and encouragement if possible. It’s my belief that God shared their stories for just that reason. Jesus chose a woman to spread the word of His ministry (John 4:1-42). It

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