Happy New Year, 2023

Christian New Year's Resolutions
Put God first in everything I do
Submit to God continually
Trust in the Lord with all my heart
Pray without ceasing

Hello, 2023.

On December 30, 2022, I was feeling energized. I started thinking about all of the things I want to do in 2023, all of the “improvements” I want to make. At first, the goals seemed doable, but as the list kept growing, my anxiety got the better of me. Now, my heart’s palpitating, and I feel exhausted.

So, then I backed up and decided I would just do a vision board, but that felt like too much work. My step down from that was to have a theme for the new year, as I’ve done many times before and had some success with. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decide on just one theme.

I’m a planner and a list-builder. However, the lists are always growing and quickly become overwhelming, so I end up not looking at them except to add to them. I can’t really plan because I never know how I’m going to feel from day to day because my autonomic system is out of whack. And, let’s face it, if nothing else, the last three, nearly four years, have taught us that our lives can be turned upside down in a heartbeat.

So, after much thought, I realized the one thing I CAN do is pray. I decided that each morning before I even get out of bed, I’m going to pray and ask God what HE wants me to do on that particular day. I’ve probably announced that I was doing this several times over the years, but my sticktoitiveness isn’t always functioning the way it should. I oversleep, make excuses, and the next thing I know, my morning prayer is a one-way conversation to God on my drive to work. I’m not taking the time to listen.

That’s the plan. Please join me on this journey, and together, we’ll see what God has in store for us.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted since the beginning of August. I got overwhelmed with social media and platform building and trying to do everything the right way, all in preparation to promote the book that I haven’t even worked on since 2020.

I’m slowly trying to get back into it all, but it has to be God-honoring. I intend to put Him first and not get caught up in things that have no meaning in life. I can put His word out there and leave it up to Him as to who reads it. I don’t need to spend every waking moment checking on views or comments.

I want to “Let Go and Let God.”