Beeda Speis


In English, com means “with,” and passio means “suffer.” However, It seems to pale in comparison to the Hebrew and Greek meanings of the word.In Hebrew, the word is rakhum, which is similar to their word for “womb.” Therefore, God’s compassion for us can be seen as “His ability to carry us in His tender

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The Love of a True Shepherd

The analogy of God’s people being sheep and Jesus being the Good Shepherd is reiterated throughout the Bible and is one that holds great meaning to me. The first time I attended Missions College, the keynote speaker spoke of the sheep and the Shepherd. He emphasized that the sheep know the shepherd’s voice. It weighed

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Jacob’s Deception

Esau “sold” his birthright to Jacob in exchange for a bowl of soup. That meant that when Isaac passed away, Jacob would be the head of the household, and he would inherit a double portion of the wealth. Later, Jacob, at the insistance of his mother, Rebecca, deceived Isaac and was given the blessing meant

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Earthly Treasure

For the entirety of my adult life, my dad would show me all of his collectibles (trains, model airplane kits, stamps, just to name a few) and how to find their value in various related books about collections. He made me promise that I wouldn’t let my mother just sell everything off in one lump sum because

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Deserving of Our Inheritance

Maybe you know someone who has fought for an inheritance. It amazes me (and I hope I’m not stepping on any toes here) the number of people who feel it’s their right to receive a piece of the pie even without having helped the newly deceased. I’ve recently learned of a family with two daughters

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