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Beeda Speis’ daily devotional-type posts which often include her thoughts and feelings on a certain subject. Each post features a Bible verse of the day and suggestions for prayer.

Each week, beginning on Monday, she chooses the main theme and finds related Bible verses which she shares in her FaceBook prayer group, Pray In The Stillness (formerly 7th Hour Prayer Power). Come along beside her to pray together on a specific topic, need, or group of people.

She asks everyone to set aside time to be still and focus all of their attention on their conversation with God, talking to Him but also listening.

I believe that through the power of prayer, we can draw closer to our Father, glorify Him, and make a difference in the lives of others.

The Ninth Plague: Darkness

I was blessed to be able to experienced the total eclipse. It was 76 degrees out during full sun. As the moon made its way across the sun, the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped. Shadows were eerie, almost unreal in appearance. Crickets started chirping, and birds quieted. Darkness fell, and I stood in wonderment at this amazing gift.

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One of my grandsons was baptized. God led him to attend church, by himself, and then led him to salvation.

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Welcome, 2024!

Blessed Assurance Someone asked me my word for 2024, and without hesitation, I answered, “Assurance.” It just came to me, that fast because for my entire life, I’ve tried to hang onto control. I’ve never actually been in control of my life, but the illusion of it has kept a wedge between me and my

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Today I turned 60

It’s not as significant as turning 18, 21, or even 50, but it has some merit. Most establishments consider 60 and up “senior citizens,” giving us discounts and freebies for having reached this milestone. I would qualify for government assistance programs now if I weren’t still working. (Most of these programs are based on income.)

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Happy New Year, 2023

Hello, 2023. On December 30, 2022, I was feeling energized. I started thinking about all of the things I want to do in 2023, all of the “improvements” I want to make. At first, the goals seemed doable, but as the list kept growing, my anxiety got the better of me. Now, my heart’s palpitating,

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Facing Death With Grace

When I had breast cancer, I endured periods of grieving for a life I might not have lived. I had an aggressive cancer that was caught super early and so my prognosis was really very good, but I still had numerous periods of grief. It’s difficult not to think the worst when your body is

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