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Beeda Speis’ daily devotional-type posts which often include her thoughts and feelings on a certain subject. Each post features a Bible verse of the day and suggestions for prayer.

Each week, beginning on Monday, she chooses the main theme and finds related Bible verses which she shares in her FaceBook prayer group, Pray In The Stillness (formerly 7th Hour Prayer Power). Come along beside her to pray together on a specific topic, need, or group of people.

She asks everyone to set aside time to be still and focus all of their attention on their conversation with God, talking to Him but also listening.

I believe that through the power of prayer, we can draw closer to our Father, glorify Him, and make a difference in the lives of others.


Day 5 Turkmen search for security, hope. Life in Turkmenistan is harsh and their story is heartbreaking. The information on IMB’s website for today begins with, “critically broken.” Those words seem to be an apt description of life in a country that seems void of hope. I can’t even imagine living like that; having to […]

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Heartfelt passion

Today is Day 4 of the Week of Prayer for International Missions. The day’s focus is on West Africans who take the lead in sharing bible stories. I think this is my favorite story so far this week; not that they aren’t all great, but I have a special connection with this one, a heartfelt

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Giving Hope

Today is Day 3 of the Week of Prayer for International Missions. The day’s focus is about a couple who equips Hispanics and Latinos to spread the gospel in South Asia. The Meyers* are giving hope in a country that desperately needs it. Their story is about training Hispanics and Latinos to spread the gospel

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Prayer Champion

My heart is for the unengaged/unreached people groups around the world and for missionaries. That’s why I chose to become a “Prayer Champion,” a liaison between IMB (International Mission Board) and our local church in 2020. As a Prayer Champion, I’m committed to praying for missionaries and for the unreached. One way of knowing what

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Praise God for His protection

We as Christians seek comfort in God’s protection and praise Him when He sees us through difficult times. Last evening I had a wonderful conversation with a Christian woman, a friend whom I met during a writing course. I love her faith. She told me that she and her mom read Psalm 91 every single

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The Fruit of Our Lips

These words just resonated with me this morning: “…continually offer the sacrifice of praise…the fruit of our lips,…” I never thought of praise as a sacrifice before. Even though I knew the Bible tells us to bear fruit, I never thought of my lips bearing fruit, but now–just imagine if we all bore fruit in

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Begin Your Day With God

Well, for the first time in 3 1/2 years, I missed posting here (yesterday). I have no idea how that happened except that I was rushing yesterday morning. Which, if you think about it, is ironic–or more accurately, a God thing, considering our topic this week. We divide our time among family, friends, work, life-stuff

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When Can I Be A Client?

When Can I Be A Client? by Beeda Speis The picture I posted yesterday reminded me of my daughters when they were little. I used to work all the time, it seemed, plus, I went to college. There was a commercial during those years where the mom is rushing around trying to leave for work

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