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Beeda Speis’ daily devotional-type posts which often include her thoughts and feelings on a certain subject. Each post features a Bible verse of the day and suggestions for prayer.

Each week, beginning on Monday, she chooses the main theme and finds related Bible verses which she shares in her FaceBook prayer group, Pray In The Stillness (formerly 7th Hour Prayer Power). Come along beside her to pray together on a specific topic, need, or group of people.

She asks everyone to set aside time to be still and focus all of their attention on their conversation with God, talking to Him but also listening.

I believe that through the power of prayer, we can draw closer to our Father, glorify Him, and make a difference in the lives of others.

The ultimate provision

Even before the world was spoken into existence, God knew the cost of His creation, I believe. I’m sure He knew that providing for our every need and loving us unconditionally wouldn’t be enough to keep us from sinning. Yet, He formed us anyway. When Lucifer deceived Eve, and Eve handed the forbidden fruit to …

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God gives, Satan takes

As much as God gives to His children, Satan always seems to be lurking in the background to take from us. Satan is the great deceiver. He manipulates us, goes after the things we hold dear. He mostly gets to us by interfering in our relationships. He distracts us from our God-given missions and fills …

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Channels of blessing

What if, when you woke up this morning, you only had the things that you thanked God for the day before? Think about it. Did you thank Him for providing you with shelter? Food? Clothing? Family? Friends? Health? Medicine? A job? Transportation? Money in the bank? Your Bible???If we really dig deep and consider all …

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Where was God?

Whenever we’re suffering or see suffering, it’s easy to question God. People use it as an excuse not to believe. They point a finger and say things like, “How can a loving God allow __“? (fill in the blank). I’ll leave the answering of that up to the theologians and others who are better qualified. …

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God will provide

Yesterday I tweeted:I see that GOD WILL PROVIDE is trending…it’s true; He will provide, but we have to accept what it is He’s giving us. He is a loving and giving God who provides for His children. Open your eyes and hearts to the bounty. The responses I got were these: Which God? Why does …

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Predicting the future

Last weekend, while on vacation in New Orleans, we walked around Jackson Square. The space surrounding the square was filled with artists displaying their wares, people drawing caricatures, and fortunetellers. It reminded me of a fair (of sorts) that I went to several decades ago that was nothing but people telling fortunes. I believed some …

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Lessons from God

I’m home now. Next time I go visit my daughter I may check out the train system. Either that or I’ll start working out so I can run from one end of the airport to the other, carrying a 20 lb. backpack without getting winded. 😃 The trip was well worth the hassles of flying …

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Wait for the Lord

Today is my last day in Mississippi. Around 2:00 I take off for Dayton via Houston and Chicago. My daughter is all moved into Lynn’s apartment. We decided to continue with plan “A” until told otherwise. The day I asked for prayers for Lynn, her daughter asked the doctor to try a new breathing treatment …

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Backup plans

I imagined myself having lots of writing time during this adventure with my daughter because she writes, too, and neither of us likes being outside in the heat and humidity. However, the purpose of the trip was to get her settled in for school and that’s just taken more time than we originally allotted. She …

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Today’s the big day! In just a few hours, we head out on the long drive to Mississippi. We’ll stop halfway and spend the night just South of Nashville because neither of us is big on long drives. I look forward to the journey, but I get a little choked up every time I think …

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