Rebellious People

I’ve been thinking about all of the “rebellious” people I’ve known during my life and about what made them that way. At first it seemed like it was either rage or pride, but the more I thought about it, the more reasons I discovered. Rage/anger Pride/narcissism Loneliness/abandonment Not fitting in Lack of social skills OCD

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Vengeance is Mine

As a Christian, I know I’m supposed to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5:39), forgive my enemies (Matthew 5:44), and love everyone (Mark 12:31), but the fallen nature side of me struggles to do those things consistently. I know the Lord says, “Vengeance is Mine,” and that I’m to leave that to Him, but I

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Nails in the Fence

I had a landlady who was a very devout Christian, (in her opinion). She and my (first) husband didn’t get along at all. It was basically a power struggle, but words were often exchanged. When she was at the end of her rope, she sent him a letter with the following story–Nails in the Fence:

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Holding On To Negative Feelings

Whenever we have communion our Pastor says something to the effect that if your heart isn’t in the right place at that moment, if you’re holding onto negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, or resentment, pray about it, fix it, but don’t take communion when you’re wrestling with those feelings. When I came across today’s

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If Your Brother Sins Against You

Whenever there is friction between us and another person, the best thing to do is open the lines of communication. Often our anger and resentment stems from unresolved issues, but have we tried to resolve them? Any type of negative emotion tends to magnify over time if there’s no attempt to talk it out. Thankfully,

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Stirs Up Anger

There are some occasions when I pray beforehand that God grant me patience and an open mind. The reason is that I know there’ll be someone there who I clash with. Do you know a person like that? One who contradicts everything you say? Or who always brings up controversial topics just to get a

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King of the Road

I’m that car–the one who’s stuck behind the vehicle going ten miles an hour under the speed limit with everyone behind me passing on the left (and sometimes on the right) so there’s never an opening for me to break free. I’m also that car–the one you see driving down the road with another vehicle

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Hatred of the World

Up until a few years ago, I was a “theistic evolutionist.” My husband talked till he was blue in the face to change my mind, but I was stuck in my views. Then, I actually read Darwin’s book (well, a little of it). I never had before. I just based my beliefs on what my

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