Judgment and Redemption

I wanted to share part of Isaiah 59 with you because I feel it’s relevant to what’s going on in Ukraine, and the world’s reaction. Trying to choose a few passages is proving most difficult because it’s all good. Verses 1-13 talk about Evil and Oppression. Verses 14-21 talk about Judgment and Redemption. If you

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Stirs Up Anger

There are some occasions when I pray beforehand that God grant me patience and an open mind. The reason is that I know there’ll be someone there who I clash with. Do you know a person like that? One who contradicts everything you say? Or who always brings up controversial topics just to get a

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Harmony With One Another

Happy Valentine’s Day…unless it’s an unhappy day for you.Do you have a strained relationship with someone in your life? Do you have a child or step-child who isn’t returning your calls, but you have no idea why? Do you have a sibling who pushes all your buttons at family gatherings? Are you suffering through an

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I went to bed really late last night and tossed and turned beginning at 4:30 this morning (when my husband wakes up). I was determined to sleep in though because as you know, I’m on vacation. Finally, around 7, I conceded to get out of bed. Before I did though, God placed on my heart

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Fear or Peace?

We don’t have to live in fear because the peace of God dissipates fear. There isn’t enough space to have the two conflicting feelings going on at the same time. Either we’re resting in the peace of God, or we’re drowning in fear. To illustrate this, I want to share a video I made at

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Jesus Reassures Us of Peace

Jesus reassures us of peace many times throughout Scripture (see Philippians 4:7 for instance). It comforts me when I’m feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed. I especially love what Jesus says in John 16:33 (see below). Today, I decided to dig deeper and there is so much here to unpack. The short version is that Jesus wants

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Take Time To Be Still

I bought this sign (the “Peace” part of the image) on Saturday because I thought it would be a wonderful reminder of the ministry I’m trying to develop (Peace In The Stillness), and as a visual reminder to myself that I have peace because of my relationship with God. Sometimes the world overtakes me and

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