Peace! Be still! And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.  Mark 4:39b ESV

Peace In The Stillness came from the realization that all of my God experiences happened when I was wholly focused on Him. The only way to be wholly focused was to spend time being still, meditating, praying, reading Scripture.  When I made the effort to shut out the world, and give my attention completely to God, He appeared, He spoke. Not in visual and audible ways as we know them, but in ways that only He could orchestrate. He let me know He was and is present.

Because of those experiences, my bond with God has become stronger, more real. I want others to have those same experiences. This is the purpose of Peace In The Stillness Ministries. God has given me the big picture, but it’s full of moving parts that need to all come together in a way which seems beyond my capabilities. So, I do one thing at a time. Please bear with me while I tweak and build and learn and grow what I pray becomes a God-honoring ministry.

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Thank you. 

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