5 Compression Products to Help with Chronic Pain

A woman rubbing her hurting wrist. My 5 favorite pieces of compression clothing for chronic pain suffers.

My five favorite pieces of

compression clothing are:

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia about two years ago. Apparently, there’s not much that can be done about it, but after joining some Facebook Groups, I’ve found several things that at least help me manage the pain. The first thing I latched onto was compression clothing. I can do more in-depth posts about each item later, but I thought this overview would be helpful.

Compression Gloves

These are Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves. They’re the first things I bought, and I never go anywhere without them. I spend all day every day on a computer, and sometimes my fingers, hands, and wrists just need a little support, a light “squeeze” to take some of the strain off. I bought Medium gloves, and I consider myself to have fairly small hands. They fit perfectly. The only “con” about them is that after I washed them (I’m not sure if I followed the directions or not), the lettering came off, but that didn’t really matter to me.

Compression Tank Top

This camisole is from Shapermint. (I love all things Shapermint.) It comes in a multitude of colors, and I just love the way it seems to hold me in and smooth out some of the bumps. Mostly, though, I feel warm and comforted when I wear them.

Compression Wristband

This is more like a brace than a compression garment, but it’s an important piece of my wardrobe.
Even though I have the gloves, sometimes my wrists need a little extra support. The opposite is also true. Sometimes I don’t need the gloves, but I do need the wristband. Plus, honestly, sometimes it’s bothersome taking the gloves on and off so I can wash my hands.
This band has a velcro closure, so you can adjust it according to your needs. I just love it.

Compression Sleeves

I have to be honest and state that I haven’t tried these compression sleeves on yet. However, I did purchase them. I fell for how many come in a package and all of the great colors. During the summer, they offer UV protection. During the winter, they add a light layer of warmth so that I can wear t-shirts all year round and just pull these on when I need them. (I go from hot to cold and cold to hot a million times a day. It’s frustrating.)
I saw a lot of people wearing them at an event I attended last year. Plus, I like the fact that they cover my hand and leave my thumb and fingers free to the elements. If I don’t love them when I do try them on, I’ll come back here and update. Let’s just assume they’re great.

Compression Finger Splints

I saved these finger compression sleeves for last because I have mixed emotions about them. On the one hand (no pun intended), I love how they helped with my trigger finger. On the other hand (okay – that one is on purpose), after a period of time, I felt as if my circulation was being cut off. I wish they had a larger size. They do have a wide variety of colors, and maybe they’re actually different sizes within one package. In the end, I gave away nine of them and kept just one for my trigger finger problem. If you try them, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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